Electronic groove review

Italian duo Kryptonica DJs have been making the rounds around the international electronic circuit for a couple of decades, with a career spanning the UK, Italy, and Ibiza, performing, producing and promoting their own events, even opening their record label, called Kryptofabbrikk Records, in 2011.
Their latest release is Fresh Jam, a fast-paced techno track that carries a mean, growling bassline. Elements like echoing voice samples and spastic drum-rolls give it a dub-like vibe, punctuated by the jabbing beat which makes fine use of crispy hi-hats, ticking snare shots and razor-sharp kicks. This means that it’s a tune where percussion is the driving force, dominating the floating landscapes created by synth pads, stabs and effects, all led by grinding, an acid bassline that bubbles like hot lava. With Fresh Jam, Kryptonicadjs has crafted a track that pays homage to the steppin’ sounds of Jamaican music,
reminiscent of the tight rhythms of dub and dancehall which have contributed so much to today’s dance music.

ScreenShot003 (2)

Electronic groove: https://electronicgroove.com/kryptonica-djs-fresh-jam/

Buy track: https://www.feiyr.com/x/BQ68W

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